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hi infps here is a reminder to maybe think about how you might reply to those texts and emails sitting in your inbox later today or maybe tomorrow but no pressure take care of yourselves friends i love you

How NOT to treat an INFP

  • I swore I'd never do one of these but what the fuck, here goes:
  • Don't: be fake with them. INFP personalities are most comfortable when they know people, so that they can get along with others more easily without getting anxious about stepping on toes. If you tend to hide your feelings, don't be surprised if your INFP friend stops talking to you. They just don't know how to read you, and won't try at the risk of pissing you off.
  • Don't: assume you know them, and don't tell them shit about themselves unless they ask you. Nobody knows an INFP better than they know themself. Chances are whatever amateur psychoanalysis you have to offer them is something they've already figured out about themselves time and time again.
  • Don't: ignore them if you're mad. Again, INFP personalities are most comfortable when they know people. They can read people well, but don't like to just assume they know what's wrong because they will assume the worst possibilities. Open, honest communication is always essential.
  • Don't: guilt them into talking to you or going out. INFP are introverts by definition and they will communicate/go out on their terms. As well, they are sensitive to their friends' desires as they are people pleasers, and exploiting this is manipulation that they will see right through. Pushing will make them uncomfortable and they may stop talking to you altogether.
  • Don't: tell them their goals are unrealistic. INFP are idealists by definition and no matter how unrealistic their goals may seem to even them, a bigger part of them still believes it's possible. Telling them otherwise will not help them "wise up," it will only cause them to sort you into a box labeled "people who have no faith in me."